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Natural Wine


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Launch in 2022

The delicacy of the first spring flowers, the lights of a boulevard and the fashionable Atlantic air.

Enter a botanical and sophisticated cosmos that carries the aroma of a natural wine made only with Garnacha grapes and nothing else.

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At La Casa de Lúculo, located in Mendigorría - Navarra, we work with small batches of selected grapes to create our signature wines: Cátulo and Lúculo, always with the indigenous grape from Navarra: the Garnacha.



Virginia Arranz

winemaker of La Casa de Lúculo



The name of our winery relates to its allegiance to Lucius Licinius Lucullus, the great gourmet of Classical Rome (1st century BC), lover of arts and hedonism.

The philosophy with which we began this project and which still motivates the creation of our wines is to elaborate wines that convey the originality of the vines grown in the very particular conditions of Baja Montaña, (Below Mountain) influenced by the climate of the Pyrenees, introducing new nuances in the wine making and ageing to enhance the strong personality of the Garnacha grape.


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