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Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo DO Navarra

· Vineyards: Control over 15 ha (37 acres) of 100-years-old Garnacha Atlántica vineyards located at 600 meters high on the mountain slopes of Mendigorría and Aibar.


· Climate: Continental, curbed strongly by

Pyrenean and Atlantic influences.


· Soils: Varied, with sandy clay throughout,

but rich in limestone.


· Oenologist style: Signature wines elaborated with ECOLOGICAL criteria . Limited series of quality smooth wines (French-educated wine maker).


· Capacity: 600,000 litres.




Oenlogist educated in France



D.O. NAVARRA is a fascinating region, known for its history, gastronomy and culture

Our project was born in 2004 along with Juan Glaría in Mendigorría, Navarra, in the Baja Montaña region of the Denominacion de Origen de Navarra.In 2006 we started our project with the Mendigorría Winery. It’s a wine cooperative founded in the 50’s, restored and renovated in all the winemaking process elements to make it a modern cellar with a traditional style.That same year we launched our first red wine: Lúculo, made of the Garnacha grape coming from the old vines of the Baja Montaña. Since then we continue to offer Jardín de Lúculo. It’s a unique experience resulting from the elaboration of the best Garnachas of Navarra.After five years of close collaboration in exports, in 2013 the winery became part of our team at Axial Vinos, initiating a new stage in the history of Bodegas de La Casa de Lúculo and introducing an addition to the market; a new young, fresh and fruity wine which again transmits the same philosophy: Cátulo.

In La Casa de Lúculo we do believe in ecology as the way to guarantee the preservation of nature. This is why most of the vineyards of origin of our grapes have been traditionally cultivated with ecologic criteria, abstaining from using synthetic pesticides or herbicides.The climate is continental with the Pyrenean influence in the North and Mediterranean in the South. The cold nights and sunny days make the ripening of the grapes slow and delicate.The soils of the old parcels are located in the mountain slopes and are characterized by a stony ground of fine silt textures with a mix of calcareous marls.





Juan Glaría

Enólogo y fundador de Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo

Juan Glaría
Juan Glaría La Casa de Lúculo
La Casa de Lúculo vineyards
La Casa de Lúculo vineyards II
La Casa de Lúculo ECO-WINEMAKING
La Casa de Lúculo vineyards III
100-years-old Garnacha Atlántica
100-years-old Garnacha Atlántica
La Casa de Lúculo vineyards IV
Louis Geirnaerdt
Juan Glaría in the vineyards
Ecologic wines

Along with the philosophy of our winery, we got to certify the elaboration process of our wines as ECOLOGICAL, back in 2011. Aiming to keep on guarantying that our wines are elaborated in a 100% natural way, once again, the UE authority of control CPAEN-NNPEK has certified that our ELABORATION PROCESS has been found to be in terms with the requirements of the Reg. (CEE) 834/2007 and Reg. (CEE) 839/2008 norms which rule the ecological production of wine.

Being in terms with these norms means, among other things, that every single wine produced by Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo is elaborated in a natural way from the vineyard’s cultivation to the bottling.  The harvest is hand-made, not only to preserve the grapes in the best possible condition but rather to cut the emissions associated to the transportation and waste.


No sulfites nor additives are used in the elaboration when it comes to the transformation process of the grapes which ferment naturally with its own natural yeasts. Nor does the malolactic fermentation which happen naturally. On the other hand, processes as clarification or filtering are kicked out of our elaboration chain; the wine decant by gravity and no chemical filtering is used in any case. All in all, the overall elaboration process is substantially cut off and reduced to its minimum and most natural expression.

In a nutshell, not only our compromise with natural wine remains renovated but reinforced. In Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo we’re offering you the best natural wines from Navarra; the ones keeping as none else the real essence of the best raw material: the old Garnacha Atlántica from Navarra.




The Garnacha Atlántica is the red variety with which we make our wines. Coming from the old vineyards for Lúculo Old Vine & Lúculo Origen and younger vines for Jardín de Lúculo Los Bohemios, this is a very well valued variety because of its strength and endurance, resulting in wines with great structure and aromatic complexity.


The Garnacha is thought to have its origins in the Ebro Valley dating back to the XI-XII centuries. Although for years it has not been very well considered, nowadays this variety’s wines are being increasingly valued, a process that we have been committed to since the inception of our project of La Casa de Lúculo.


The grenache grape vineyards from which we create our wines are grown in the Baja Montaña region of Navarra, 30 km. east of Pamplona, in the northern Pre-Pyrenean, vineyard cultivation limit.

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